domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

AMERICAN DISCOTHEK VOL 6 (1996) - (Conferido - 01/13)

01.HEATH HUNTER - revolution in paradise
02.EGMA - let it to my heart
03.MARK`OH - fade to grey
04.CHARLY LOWNOISE - hardcore feelings
05.NANCE - big brother is watching you
06.E-TAPE - so dem a com
07.ROB`S PROJECT - loving you
08.MO`CLUB - saddle up
09.N-SYNC - i want you back
10.DAS MODUL -robby roboter
11.UNIQUE II - mermaids
12.KIM LY - you spin me around
13.BANG BANG love gun
14.LA BOUCHE - bolingo (love is in the air)
15.MASTERBOY - mister feeling

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