segunda-feira, 12 de agosto de 2013

Disco Rare Raisins Vol. 06 - (POSTADO - 08/13)

01.T.Spencer - Ferrari (Extended)
02.Noe Willer - Midnight Girl
03.Ricky Layne - Like Heaven
04.Visual Romance - Angel With Devided Heart
05.Cretu & Thiers - When love Is The Missing Word (Extended)
06.C.A. And The Box - Out Of The Box
07.Liza Mancini - Follow Me Follow Me (Extended Version)
08.Ted Marvin - Maria La Baia Del Sol (Extended Version)
09.The Boy - Soldiers Of Love (Extended Version)
10.Marylin Love - Another Love (Extended Version)
11.Al Bano & Romina Power - Makassar (Extended Version)
12.Two For Love - Gimme Your Night (Extended Version)
13.Julie Pietri - Listen To Your Heart (Extended Club Remix)
14.Sensus - Perry Rhodann...More Than A Million Lightyears From Home(Extended) 

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