domingo, 9 de fevereiro de 2014

FLASH BACK HOUSE ( 97FM) Vol 1 - - (POSTADO - 03/14)

1-Gucci Crew II - Sally(That Girl)
2-Information Society - Runing
3-Dead Or Alive - Come Home Whit Me Baby
4-Double Ded Featuring Daby -Found Love(Moz-Art Remix)
5-Double Trouble & Rebel Mc-Just Keep Rockin
6-Bizarre Inc. Featuring Angie Brown-I m Gonna Get You....
7-J.J.Fad - Supersonic
8-Piano Negro -Piano Negro
9-Ice Mc-Cinema
10-Snap -Mary Had a Litle Boy
11-C&C Music Factory -Gonna Make You Sweat(Everybody Dance Now)
12-Soho - Hippy Chick
13-Pop Will Eat It Self - Def Con One
14-B.G. The Prince of Rap-This Beat Is Hot(Club Mix0
15-Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-Mistadobalina

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