terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

MDM 10 - House - 1997

01. Pagan & Petrov- Rave Religion
02. DJ Thoka- You Make Me Feel So Good (Force Remix)
03. Nexxus- Believe In Me
04. Space Frog- Space Party (Trance-Go-A-Remix Version)
05. Microgrooves-Make Your Wish
06. Global Control- Crazy
07. Madame X- Dreaming Of A Better World (Rave Mix)
08. Pneumonia-Sex Until Marriage
09. Code 13- Welcom Stranger (Over Mix)
10. WAX Trax II- Meditation, Spiritualism & Love
11. Interstate- Human Beings
12. Tranceatlantic- Poisoned Strawberry

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